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Call for Production Consultant: Freedom Vibes Documentary

Call for Production Consultant:

Freedom Vibes Documentary

  1. The Assignment
    • Unchained Vibes Africa is seeking the services of a young, talented and creative Nigerian filmmaker with strong storytelling experience to tell a compelling story of the organization’s Freedom Vibes program
    • Working closely with the Executive Producer, the Production Coordinator and program team, the filmmaker will use video footages recorded over the period of October 2021 – October 2023 to produce a documentary of approximately 25 minutes in length (in HD resolution) aimed at sharing with stakeholders, local and international audiences
    • The documentary is intended to leverage the power of music through selected soundtracks and footages of live performances from the program to drive audience engagement
    • The documentary will include narration and subtitles in English where indigenous languages are used
    • Priority will be given to a candidate who clearly demonstrates how he/she intends to work with the Unchained Vibes program team as part of the production crew for the documentary
  1. Background
    • The Freedom Vibes is Unchained Vibes Africa’s flagship program dedicated to promoting and defending artists’ freedom of expression, and the use of arts for civic engagements in Nigeria. The program was launched on the 1st July 2021 and has recorded significant achievements over the course of its 30 months of implementation. For further information, please visit https://unchainedvibesafrica.com/new/
    • The Programme is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Freedom Park Lagos, Culture Advocates Caucus and a host of local, regional and international partners
  1. Project Deliverables
  2. Selected consultant will be required to ensure that the production output takes the following into consideration in the delivery:
    • There are over 30 hours of footages available from the program for the documentary production. It is desired that 85% of the 25-minute documentary will comprise footages recorded over the period of the program while 15% will be new original footage shot by the consultant
    • The consultant will be required to commence work on Monday 22nd January 2024 and submit the initial product for review by Thursday 29th February 2024
    • Final product is expected to be completed by Monday 4th March, 2024
    • The consultant is required to include a detailed budget of the project in the application
    • Remuneration will be negotiated with the consultant based on the viable and realistic budget proposed
    • Payments will be made in the following three instalments:
    • 50% after delivery of work plan, video shoot schedule and scripts;
    • 30% after delivery of first edit
    • 20% after final approval and delivery of the final approved documentary
  1. Project Location
  2. There are two locations proposed for the new footages to be shot by the Consultant – (1) Unchained Vibes creative space and (2) its traditional event venue for the Freedom Vibes program. Both locations are in Lagos, Nigeria. No associated travel outside of Lagos is expected.
  1. Intellectual Property ownership
    • The Consultant will be engaged for this documentary production on a work-for-hire basis. He/she will be required to expressly assign to Unchained Vibes Africa any copyright arising from the works he/she produces while implementing this project.
    • The Consultant is not may not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such works without prior consent from Unchained Vibes Africa.
    • Any materials used in the production other than those provided from the Freedom Vibes program, the consultant is expected to own or obtain full usage rights or permission from copyright owners
  1. Qualifications and Eligibility Requirements
    • Applicants must have excellent storytelling, videography, video editing and general filmmaking skills
    • Previous experience in producing international quality film/documentaries;
    • Proven ability to work in multicultural environment or context;
    • Ability to adhere to deadlines and flexibility;
    • Availability from Monday 22nd January 2024 to commence work
  1. Application Procedure
  2. Candidates are required to apply by submitting the following documents:
    • A motivation letter with the applicant’s up-to-date contact details, information demonstrating the relevance of his/her experience and why he/she is suitably qualified for the assignment (Maximum 2 pages);
    • A Technical proposal highlighting how the applicant plans to carry out the assignment;
    • A budget highlighting what it will cost to deliver the production;
    • Applicant’s CV;
    • Samples of recent similar assignments: online portfolios and links to video work/documentaries
Please note:  Applicants who are unwilling to submit any of the above stated documents should please not bother to apply. Only applications with the above supporting materials will be reviewed. Due to high volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Interested applicants should submit their applications via email to: applications@unchainedvibesafrica.com
Deadline: Monday 8th January 2024

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